Minister of foreign Affairs for “Thursday in the democracy” : the Ic is calling for protests against right-wing extremism.

Minister of Federation of Employers appealed to Zelensky and Goncharuk in Mr. Bakhmatyuk’s defense foreign Affairs Ic wants a revolt of Democrats against right-wing Terror. Interior Minister Seehofer wants to give “the rule of law more bite”.

Foreign Minister Heiko Maas, of the called, against the Background of the murder case of the Kassel government President Walter Lübcke and other attacks on local officials to protests against right-wing extremists. “We show that we are more than the radical Right, the anti-Semites, the cleaver,” writes the SPD-politician in a guest post for the “image”. “Maybe our country needs not only the Fridays for the Future, which have brought so much in motion. But also a Thursday in the democracy“, added Ic. He urged: “Not a Millimeter more to the enemies of freedom! Democracy needs to defend its. We are nipping it in the Bud together, every day and everywhere.“

80 years after the beginning of the Second world war, politicians would again been the victim of right-wing terrorists, because of their political Convictions and their commitment to the country, writes Mass. All of this shows what many ignore now russkaja eyes: Germany has a terrorist problem.” There were more than 12,000 violent extreme-Right in Germany, 450 in of them submerged, although they can be searched with a warrant. “Look the other way can be fatal. We need to call the law of terrorism, finally, as such,“ wrote Maas.

Seehofer wants to pull out all the stops

Federal interior Minister Horst Seehofer wants to strengthen as a consequence of the murder case, Lübcke in the fight against right-wing extremism clearly. If the assumptions in the case of the death of Cassel’s Prime Minister confirmed, “ict for the Development of a fire is dangerous”, warned the CSU politicians in the Newspapers of the funke digital tv media group. To become the right-wing ca “a real danger”. Seehofer was the right-wing extremism on a level with the Islamist terrorist and the danger of rich citizens.

Fits to the Minister announced that he wanted to give “the rule of law more bite”. He added: “This murder has motivated me to pull out all the stops in order to increase the security.” Criminal people – and the object of protection, all levels should be involved, also the local level. “It is our duty to do all that was humanly possible to protect those who are threatened.” With a view to incitement and hatred in the net, Seehofer said: “insult, libel, incitement of the people belong to offline followed as online.”

Want to revoke, check the fits to the Minister also, democracy to the enemies of fundamental rights. A corresponding initiative was made a few days ago, the former CDU General Secretary Peter Tauber. “We are responsible for the Constitution. We will consider the possibilities seriously,“ said Seehofer.

In Thuringia, the CDU chief Mike Mohring holds, of the idea a little. I ca understand to get to the murder of Lübcke thoughts, said Mohring-the-editors network Germany (RND/Saturday). “It is legally and politically problematic, however, individual basic rights. Constitutional enemies should not go as a Martyr out of such debates. Fits the relevant basic law article in nature, be a legal use-value tends to Zero is of more symbolic,“ said Mohring. (dpa)