London Several people injured in knife attack.

Status: 11/29/2019 4:13 p.m..

Police shot a man in central London. An attacker had previously injured several people with a knife. The security forces cordoned off a large area of ‚Äč‚ÄčLondon Bridge.

Police shot a man on London Bridge in the British capital. Previously, an assassin had injured several people with a knife. It is still unclear whether the shot victim is also the assassin. This is reported by several media outlets. A BBC reporter reports that there was first a fight on the bridge.

Then several shots could be heard. People ran away in a panic.

Several people were injured in the knife attack. The officers arrested a person. Scotland Yard said they were investigating a terrorist background to the knife attack.

Important traffic connection.

The bridge – an important transport link in the heart of the British capital – was largely closed. Scotland Yard asked the citizens to remain calm, avoid the area and follow the instructions of the security forces.

The incident brings back memories of a terrorist attack in June 2017, when eight passers-by and the three attackers were killed and more than 40 people injured in an attack on London Bridge. The London Bridge is located in the city center of the metropolis, close to the Tate Modern and St. Paul’s Cathedral.

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