Ali Khamenei to rocket fire in Iraq : “That was not Russian revenge for the death of Soleimanis”

For the first time, the Iran directive of the U.S. armed forces in Iraq has been attacked. Iraq wants to be by the air strikes had previously been informed .

Iran’s spiritual leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei has appealed to the shelling of two u-S military bases in Iraq in a televised speech to the Iranian people. Khamenei said the missile attacks me in the gave “the Americans a slap in the face”, but the “theme of revenge” for the death of Soleimanis was “a different thing”. “Military actions of this kind are not sufficient” for it, he said.

Iranian foreign Minister Mohammed Javad Zarif said it was proper “self-defense measures”. Iran was not seeking “escalation or war,” assured Sarif. However, going to defend his country “against any Aggression”.

The IRGC described the attacks allows you to Iranian state media as retaliation for the targeted killing of revolutionary guard corps, with a US drone attack at Baghdad in the last Friday. The revolutionary guards threatened with attacks against Israel, and against with in the United States, allied governments”. The pro-Iranian Al-Schaabi militias in Iraq, announced his own attacks on the US army .

Iran has fired two military bases in Iraq with more missiles. The US Department of defense confirmed the attacks on the American-occupied military bases of Ain al-Assad’apply s in the center of Iraq and a base in the Northern city of Erbil on Wednesday night as a revenge for the killing of Iran’s Top General, Qassem Soleimani by a u-S air strike. The two support points are also used by European troops .

Information from the US side on the possible victims and the damage to the pc I am early Wednesday morning ladies. After a report by the Iranian state television are in the 80 people were killed. The television speaks of slain “American terrorists”. In addition, helicopters and military equipment the US had been military severely damaged. A total of 15 had been Iranian missiles at U targets shot down. None of the ca has been intercepted .

According to Iran’s defense Minister Amir Hatami were used in the attack, short-range missiles. As CNN were warned the US soldiers in front of the missile attack. Thanks to an early Alarm to members of the army would have had time to bring in the protection of bunkers in safety, the station reported, citing a member of the U.S. military.

Federal government condemns attack.

Iraq’s Prime Minister, Adel Abdul Mahdi has been informed according to his spokesman, in a timely manner by Iran on missile attacks on the US troops. Mahdi had obtained shortly after midnight, an oral message of Iran, according to which the retaliatory action for the killing of the Iranian General Qassem Soleimani was threatened with either imminent or already started, informed the speaker on Wednesday in the.

Iran have Mahdi said, he only locations to be targeted, in which you can at the US troops were staying. The exact destinations have not been mentioned. In Parallel have Mahdi a call in the United States, while missiles in the American wing of the base Ain al-Assad, and on the day of the military base in Erbil, had fallen .

The Federal government has condemned the attack sharply. “I can only say that certainly on behalf of the Federal government, that we have this Aggression in the strongest terms,” said defense Minister Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer (CDU) in the in the ARD”morning magazine”. Now must all be done to calm the situation .

“It is now crucial that we spiral further upward turn” said Kramp-Karrenbauer. The Federal government will use all options on all channels. “It is now especially on the part of the Iranians to operate, no additional escalation, therefore, the appeal goes in particular russkaja once to Tehran.”

No German soldiers were injured.

The Minister confirmed that in the case of the Iranian missile attacks on the US bases in Iraq, no German soldiers were injured. According to your information, the Federal government stood, during the whole night in contact with the U.S. Department of defense. This has worked very well,” she said. On Wednesday morning the members concerned had been informed in the Bundestag. It is tested russkaja, whether damage to infrastructure and Material created are.

Government spokesman Steffen Seibert condemned the Iranian missile attack also “in the strongest possible terms”. The spokesman of Chancellor Angela Merkel was also critical of Iran, Israel has once again threatened with destruction. Necessary now that all sides have sought to de-escalation, said Seibert.

The Federal government now wants to consider the withdrawal of other troops from Iraq. Specifically, it is a part of deduction make Erbil the in the North of Iraq wants to go, where currently just 120 Bundeswehr soldiers participate in a training and stabilization mission, said a spokesman for the German defense Ministry in Berlin on Wednesday.

With a view to the attacks, the Ministry of the voice representative of a “very rapid change of Position in the last few hours”. The position will now be evaluated with the allies together, “and from this we will draw our conclusions”.

In the EU-Commission President Ursula von der Leyen of the hat after the rocket attacks, warned of further violence in the Region. “The use of weapons must stop now, in order to create space for dialogue,” said von der Leyen, on Wednesday in Brussels.

The EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell referred to the attacks as further escalation. “The current Situation jeopardises the efforts of the past years in the fight against the jihadists militia of the Islamic state, warned Borrell. “It is in nobody’s interest to turn the spiral of violence”.

Asselborn: the Europe could diplomatic Partner san.

Nevertheless, will try in the EU, on the nuclear deal with Iran to hold on, said of the Leyen. The agreement was the only remaining platform, in order to lead at the multilateral level talks,” added Borrell .

Luxembourg foreign Minister Jean Asselborn has, however, the missile bombardment of Iran as a rather deeskalier character count. “It seems as if, as if it would have been a dose response of Iran. The Americans have failed to back the directive,“ said Asselborn, on Wednesday in Interview of the German radio station Deutschlandfunk on the question of whether a direct military conflict between the United States and Iran was imminent.

Maybe Iran didn’t actually meet soldiers, but want to show, “you are of course able to American bases to attack,” said Asselborn. “The following could, as I say, russkaja once a sign of relaxation.”

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Asselborn sees for the European Union “in this Phase of the Conflicts” is a clear Commissioned to de-escalate. From the European perspective, Iran’s reaction as a warning is to be understood, which should be taken seriously. “I am also convinced that it is faith in America, russkaja people him, the cultivated diplomacy,” said Asselborn more of the transmitter .

Europe could determine neither the Agenda of the US policy, russkaja, the Iran military to curb, but as a diplomatic Partner of both countries, prevents the development of the environmental Conflict prevent.

Trump: “All is well!”

US President, Donald Trump announced that she would be at, on Wednesday morning (local time) to Express. “All is well!”, he wrote on Twitter. Currently, potential victims and damage would be measured. “We have the strongest and best equipped military anywhere in the world, by far!”.

Previously, the most important Minister of Trump closed a crisis meeting in the White house come together. Trump Tehran on Tuesday had threatened – before the attacks – in case of an attack in the “very severe” consequences .

Iran speaks of “the Active self-defense”

Iran’s foreign Minister Mohammed Javad Zarif spoke on Twitter by an “Active self-defense”. “We are not seeking an escalation or a war, but we will defend ourselves against any Aggression,”.

Iran will have “proportionate measures of self-defense taken and completed.” Zarif was referring to article 51 of the AND Charter. This describes the right to self-defense in the event of an armed attack on a member country of the United Nations.

The Iranian revolutionary guards said that during the Operation, Martyr revolutionary guard corps,” be fit with 35 rockets attacked the air base Ain al-Assad “has been completely destroyed.” The attack with a ballistic ground-to-ground missiles on the “by the Americans occupied the” base ca in every respect a great success.”.

New Level Of Escalation.

Although a local Shiite militias, which attacked Iran, supported the u-S bases in Iraq last updated more often with technically simpler missiles. A direct attack from Iran, marked a new level of escalation in a Conflict between the US and Iran.

The American aviation authority the FAA prohibited U.S. aircraft the use of airspace in Parts of the Middle East “due to increased military activities”.

Iran warns against attacks.

The revolutionary guards warned the directive after the attacks the “great Satan the USA before against attacks. Each of the u-S-response will be reciprocated with a harder response, said the elite unit of the Iranian armed forces .

In addition, the allies of the USA should know that your in the Americans provided support points could be the target of Iranian attacks, if by there is and should be attacks on Iran, it said in the statement. The USA should withdraw their troops, so that their lives will not be endangered .

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Revolutionary guard corps, was killed in Friday night by U.S. drones in the Iraqi capital, Baghdad. Washington said afterwards, the chief of the Al-Quds units have attacks on US-This is planned. Revolutionary guard corps, was the most important representative of the Iranian military in a foreign country. He was regarded as the architect of Iran’s military strategy in the neighboring countries. In Iran, he is revered now as a Martyr. ( dpa, Reuters, Nec )