Capitola Beach Homes – Investment Tips

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Other options include offering your agent a commission bonus if the house is sold within a certain time frame. For example, if your agent can produce a valid offer and sale within 30 days, you will pay an additional 1 percent in commission.

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Give yourself as much information as possible, on comparable sales, percentage of area price cuts, and have a full knowledge of how long area homes are normally on the block. This will arm you with enough information to be able to have a thorough conversation with your agent, and come up with a suitable asking price.

A buyer’s agent can make your home buying experience a lot smoother by doing a lot of the grunt work in terms of market research, setting up viewings, and dealing with many of the details that the buyer may not be aware of.

Search in a new neighborhood: Over time new housing developments emerge. Take the time to explore your area and see what is new and available in your price range.